Dairy farming in India is experiencing an auxiliary change from smallholder dairy production to commercial dairy products and from conventional indigenous knowledge-based based on the cutting edge scientific knowledge-based framework. The rapidly changing dairy landscape requires institutional structure to support the rapidly evolving need for the sector, particularly skilling of the human resources and other stakeholders so that they can effectively manage technological advances across different areas within the dairy sector and to help this evolving environment. The pace of structural changes in the Indian dairy sector would be much faster than expected so far due to two significant components: one, the communication revolution would shrink further the global technology and knowledge gap, and two, economic globalization would integrate the domestic and international markets.
An autonomous institution committed to dairy skill development in India, the Centre of Excellence for Dairy Skills in India (CEDSI) aims to ensure sustainability and profitability in the dairy sector through skilling and capacity building, policy advocacy, knowledge management and research. Towards This CEDSI works with stakeholders across dairy ecosystem including dairy farmers, wage workers, dairy cooperatives and corporates, research, academia, and central and state governments. It strives to be positioned as an innovator and leader in the dairy skilling space across the globe, who undertake and facilitates applied manpower research in dairy sector, capacity development in the areas of skilling and provides policy inputs at the national and state level to strengthen skill upgradation.