Dairy Farmer/ Lactalis Training Program
Milk Procurement Training to upgrade efficiency of field employees.
CEDSI organized a two-day corporate training program to upgrade the skills of field employees for Prabhat Dairy, Maharashtra. Training was conducted through virtual mode on topics i.e Challenges in Milk Procurement, Increasing the efficiency during transportation, Survey, costing and Input supply. Re-skilling of employees enhances the work efficiency and productivity at the workplace.

Guiding Principles to bring sustainability & Growth in Dairy Industry
The dairy sector in India needs to bring about major structural changes to meet the increasing demand for milk and milk products due to expanding population, growing urbanization and increasing purchasing power. Inorder to meet the domestic milk demand by 2050 and carve out a visible place for itself in the world dairy market, India will have to register about three -fold increase in milk production crossing 380-400 million tonnes. It promises vast opportunities in dairy production, processing, product development and allied activities like transport, cold chain, input delivery, and technological development. Simultaneously it also poses a threat to environment through green house effect, and air and water pollution. To be able to achieve this challenging level of milk production under mounting competition for resources from alternate economic activities, with minimum threat to environment there has to be revolutionary changes in manner of production and management of dairy sector which can bring growth and sustainability.
The aim of this Panel Discussion is to highlight opportunities and initiatives to bring sustainability & growth of dairy Industry on the path laid down by Dr Kurien. We also need to understand measures for environmental protection, strategies toenhance productivity, establish efficient logistics & supply chain, opportunities for Innovation in value added Products as per emerging needs of consumer,Innovative marketing systems approaches, and capacity building

Dairy Farmer/ Entrepreneur Training of Trainer Program
Dairy Farmer/ Entrepreneur Training of Trainer Program
Centre of Excellence for Dairy Skills in India (CEDSI) in collaboration with Agriculture Skill council of India (ASCI) organized online TOT Program for both new and existing trainers for the Job role of Dairy Farmer/Entrepreneur from 10th to 20th August 2020.
Requirement of qualified trainers has increased with the growth and expansion of organized dairy segment. CEDSI focus on creating a cadre of trainers with necessary backing from the industry who will not only conduct training sessions but will always bring innovations and improvements in the process.

Emerging Dimensions for a Profitable Dairy Business: Market, Technology & Innovations
CEDSI as a part of its initial launch event organized a webinar on "Emerging Dimensions for a Profitable Dairy Business: Market, Technology & Innovations" on Saturday 4th July 20. The panel of prominent speakers included Mr. RS Sodhi, Managing Director GCMMF, Mr. Rahul Kumar, Managing Director, Lactalis India; Dr. A.K Srivastava, Former Director and VC, NDRI, Member ASRB, and Mr. Sanjeev Asthana, Chairman, ASCI and Managing Director I Farms.
The webinar touched a wide range of topics like the pace of structural changes in the dairy sector and significant factors such as market, technology, and innovation. Smart tech and rapidly changing market dynamics transforming the industry along with access to skills and new competencies required to remain employable with changing industry needs and issues prevailing to dairy productivity was even discussed. The webinar was attended by Dairy Entrepreneurs, Members of Dairy Cooperatives, Dairy Researchers, and academia. Sessions by eminent dairy experts helped in understanding best practices to increase productivity & profitability while taking dairy as an enterprise with limited resources. Future roadmap to drive dairy business with evolving technological advancement helped Dairy Entrepreneurs to understand global and domestic dairy trends.