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An autonomous institution committed to dairy skill development in India, the Centre of Excellence for Dairy Skills in India (CEDSI) aims to ensure sustainability and profitability in the dairy sector through skilling and capacity building, policy advocacy, knowledge management and research. Towards This CEDSI works with stakeholders across dairy ecosystem including dairy farmers, wage workers, dairy cooperatives and corporates, research, academia, and central and state governments. It strives to be positioned as an innovator and leader in the dairy skilling space across the globe, who undertake and facilitates applied manpower research in dairy sector, capacity development in the areas of skilling and provides policy inputs at the national and state level to strengthen skill upgradation.
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Vision & Mission
Key Objectives
Centre of Excellence for Dairy Skilling is an autonomous institution working with all stakeholders across dairy ecosystem, including dairy farmers, wage workers, dairy corporates / cooperatives, research and academia, etc.

Skilling & Capacity Building

Skilling and capacity building are the prime objectives of CEDSI, which is aimed to evolve as a leading institution to assess and create a skill development ecosystem in ...


CEDSI has its own research vertical, which would collaborate with like-minded institutions/stakeholders to conduct regular dipsticks and pilot studies to understand the critical success factors for profitable dairying.

Knowledge Management

CEDSI focuses more on the development of knowledge products based on applied knowledge and insights rather than on basic research. The manifestation of knowledge in terms of participants, entrepreneurs...

Advisory Services

The advisory division of CEDSI will be available for advisory and consultation to the central/state government, dairy companies, cooperative dairies, technology providers, Corporates for CSR interventions, funding...

Advocacy Services

CEDSI aims to create a unique platform for discussing the emerging technologies and issues of the dairy industry. CEDSI shall continuously work towards creating awareness amongst diverse stakeholders through...
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Harsev t
The Productivity of dairy animals is projected to play a bigger role in the future growth of the dairy industry .However the gap in milk yield per animal between India and developed countries is very large. The milk yield in India is just 1.30t/head as compared to 4.89t/ head in developed countries . To bridge these yield gap better management practices of the existing herd is essential . For which formal skilling of the workforce is needed.
Eminent Dairy Expert
Dr.Harsev Singh
Rahul Kumar
In the coming decade, a huge Indian population is going to consume more milk and milk-based products in view of the improved income levels and through adoption of better food habits.
The scenario is very positive and promising for Indian dairy farmers who must be credited for the status Indian dairying enjoys.
They have kept faith in the business and despite bad patches, have kept on investing in milk production with whatever support provided by industry, government and scientists.
Nevertheless, milk being the largest agriculture crop and touching lives of about 70 million farmers, Indian dairying would propel economic growth of farmers, meeting nutritional requirement of a billion plus countrymen and placing milk production activities as much needed employment opportunities to the rural youth.
Lactalis India
Mr. Rahul Kumar
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