Centre of Excellence for Dairy Skilling is an autonomous institution working with all stakeholders across dairy ecosystem, including dairy farmers, wage workers, dairy corporates / cooperatives, research and academia, etc.
Skilling and Capacity Building
  • Skill training of farmers, companies, developmental institutions, farmers clubs, FPO, and cooperative leaders in latest technologies and equipment
  • Improve global competitiveness of India in dairy sector by investing in capacity building initiatives and skill development
  • Improving on and off farm productivity through introduction, showcase and dissemination of global and Indian best practices on skilling of youth and farmers on current and emerging trends in the dairy sector
Knowledge Management
  • Develop curriculum and course
  • Content development
  • Arrange partnerships and alliance
  • Develop teaching and learning aids
Working towards creating awareness amongst diverse stakeholders
  • Supply of skilled manpower in the identified sectors and sub-sectors
  • Evolution of the sector and modulating new skill requirements for the technology changes.
Advisory Services
Undertake planning, evaluation and implementation of strategies for improvement in the sector across geographies in partnership
Skilling Study / Assessment of Future Skilling Requirement
Undertake exercises to assess skilling requirements of stakeholders in dairy ecosystem at various levels.